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Five facts you need to know if contracting abroad

contracting abroadIf you’re thinking of contracting abroad then we’re sure you’ll have a little general knowledge of the country you’re moving to. That being said, it’s easy to miss out some strange little facts.

We have put together a list of five need-to-know points about contracting abroad you may have missed – have a read and you could find something that’ll change your mind about where you want to move!

1. Spain

There is one really great little perk if you’re thinking of contracting in Spain – the fact that you will usually be given a salary bonus in both July and at Christmas! This will be about the same amount as an extra two months so if you’re looking for the joys of bonuses, Spain might be the right option for you.

2. Brazil

In Brazil anyone working as a professional is only considered a non-resident for 6-months – which don’t need to run consecutively as long as they are within a 1-year period. But following this, abroad contractors must pay taxes in full and adhere to complicated labour laws, so though the period is short, it has a downfall that may make you wish it was longer…

3. Russia

Contractors brought into Russia from abroad greatly help the company they work for as Russian companies hiring a foreign employees do not need to pay social security taxes for them. This equates to about 30% and means paying less tax than that for Russian domestic workers!

4. Switzerland

Switzerland has 26 different regions and each one has different laws when it comes to employment. It is important if you’re considering working here to know that moving to a different part of the country could mean the rules of employment you worked under will change.

5. Germany

We’re seeing more and more people move from the UK to Germany these days, but for anyone wants to work as a freelance contractor there is a religious rule they should be aware of. If they legally declare themselves as either Protestant or Roman Catholic, they are bound to paying an extra 9% of income tax to help support their church. Maybe keep your religion on the hush-hush if that’s the case.

Summary – Five facts you need to know if contracting abroad

If you’re thinking of working contracting abroad it’s well worth researching potential destinations thoroughly. If you want more information about contracting abroad or contractor accounting in general, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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