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Is your business at risk? The test: Part 1

The following tests ask a Yes/No question. If you answer yes, you score points. At the end the total number of your points decides which category you are in.

  • 0 – 10 Points – High Risk
  • 10 – 20 Points – Medium Risk
  • 20+ Points – Low Risk

Your answers must be supported by evidence about your company.


1. The Business Premises Test (Score – 10 points)

Do you run your business from a location that isn’t your home or on site at a client’s premises?

(It doesn’t make a difference if you own the premises or someone else does).

Evidence required

–          Address of premises

–          Contract for business premises (if rented)

–          Bills for business premises (eg utilities)

–          Domestic address

–          Clients address


 2. The PII Test (Score – 2 points)

Are you obliged to have professional indemnity insurance?


–          PII Policy document

–          PII Premium note

–          Reason why you need PII


 3. The Productivity Test (Score – 10 points)

In the last two years have you had a chance to improve your income via increasing efficiency?

For example, completing a project early in order to make time to take on new work.


–          Contract Clauses e.g.

o   Fixed payment upon completion

o   Profit is crystallised when you make a supply of services to the end client

o   You can supply more staff to finish the work faster

–          Copies of;

o   Proposal costs

o   Submitted tenders

o   The letters from clients accepting offers


4. The Staff Test (Score – 35 points)

Do you employ any staff who provide in at least a quarter of your annual turnover?

To be eligible for this test, the workers must be people other than the shareholders/directors of the company, or partners in the partnership.


–          Accounting records

–          Information on tasks carried out

–          Names & payment details of workers who carried them out



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